The 9th Circle is an elitist Satanic order
Who ritually sacrifice children

The ones who sacrifice the most
Wear red shoes from the skin of their victim

The Endless Serpent of fire and blood is their sigil
This is the Serpent of Eternity or the Serpent of Creation

They are Freemasons at the 33rd level and above
The 33rd level is the Royal Arch degree
Also called the Serpent level

This is where reptilian DNA is mixed with humans
And they become hybrids

They use the Magical Circle ritual to guard themselves
The white light of protection was formerly the white radiant rays of Saturn

The Golden Dawn sect is a rival to the Phoenix Order

The Golden Dawn uses the downward pyramid symbol to identify themselves
Donald Trump was obsessive in flashing that symbol with his hands

The middle finger was a phallic symbol pointing up to insult the Goddess
The Goddess is Venus who was located on top of the Axis Mundi
This Universal Axis was portrayed as the Phallus of Saturn

The 5th level spell of the Golden Dawn is a death stare
It means the imprisonment of a rival celebrity
And being taken over by a reptilian entity

The lifting of a glass means a huge psyop is coming

They are obsessed with pedophilia
A hot dog means a boy and a pizza means a girl
Pasta means a little boy and cheese means a little girl

At their sacrifices they drink the blood of their victim

Blood is now being put in Coca Cola

They believe they will become the gods of this realm
Their consciousness is transferred to clones and to more advance robotoids

A Narcissist is a code word for a human ready for AI transfer and demon possession
Their soul is taken hostage during sleep

Demonic beings are dark matter entities looking for a human host

Phantom forces rely on the consumption model to exist
Our realm has become a source of a food supply for them

They refuse to rehabilitate their consciousness
So that they can live in harmony with the Natural Laws of God
And the Law of One

Their influence has damaged our consciousness in a variety of ways

Reptilians pose as Christians using prayer to harvest souls

They are the ones who abduct children
And force many people underground

They live underground but more than ever now are coming to the surface

And in places like the Hotel Cecil in downtown Los Angeles
They make their presence known!