The most august place in the universe
Was shadowed by the sacred wood of Tammuz

And in the grotto where the newborn Adonis cried
There were now tears for the lover of Venus

Beat your breasts young maidens
And tear your tunics

In the Book of Ezekial
There was a ritual known as the Adonia
Where women sat on rooftops accessed by ladders
Mourning the death of Tammuz and offering incense to Venus

Afterwards there was a parade with drinking and dancing
People shouted Adonis lives! The beautiful youth has risen from the dead!

Then the participants celebrated the reunion between the two lovers with a banquet

The sacred marriage of Mars and Venus was told in various ways

Everday a Princess and her maidens came down from the sky to bathe in a lake
There she saw a youth and she took him back up in the sky to marry her

When they were united the youth became fair and beautiful
He was renewed with flames of glowing embers
The mortal paramour became a god and was invested with regal powers

Inanna gave him a radial brilliance
And the new king was imbued with splendor and glory

This was Hercules submitting to immolation upon a great pyre on Mt Oeta
It is Melquart succumbing to the fire in exchange for his youth
It is Nergal being boiled in a magical cauldron
And Jason rejuvenated by means of a dip in a fiery cauldron

Bes who brandished a sword was rejuvenated after immolation

Isis hid Horus in a thicket by the Nile

Heracles leapt into a nearby stream seeking relief from the Hydra

Four rivers emanating from the same source flowed in different directions
They formed a cross
Ajax danced at the Altar of Dionysus

Jesus was posthumously endowed with the attributes of Mars
He was said to have died on a cross and then reborn

When Mars followed Venus in the sky a big boat appeared
Mars climbed in and packed his belongings
Venus took leave as a great whirlwind appeared
A flood occurred and Mars was the only one to escape

The basis for the stories of Jesus Noah and Moses
Come from the starry sky in a former age
Where the heavenly host loomed large

The many men with supernatural powers
Were stories of Mars brought down to earth!