The masses have been programmed into compliance
Grocery stores in Canada Europe and America
Are starting to require a digital passport to unlock the turn style at the entrance

This is the plan for the future of all stores
Your digital ID will then be linked to vaccinations

A social credit system that determines your QR code is already in place in China
Along with electronic eyes that watch you all the time
Which results in jaywalking tickets being sent to your home

If authorities do not like what you say on social media your passport will be turned off
And you will be locked out of not only grocery stores but gyms theatres and restaurants

There will be a cut off date in the near future
Where any cash you have will not be honored at any banks or businesses

How you vibrate is what you experience
When you give emotion to a negative hologram you vibrate with it
And become a part of it

Be like a Starseed and think beyond the box
Energy is contagious and the heart is the source of energy

It is now the 3rd Wave of Starseeds
Who have come here to initiate a higher frequency

We have been thrown off our timeline
There is an alternate reality where Tartaria never fell

The Tartarian civilization had spiritual harmony free energy and a connection to the divine
It has been erased from history and replaced with a false narrative to lock us into the matrix
As we enter the 5th dimension we will merge back with it

When 10 strands of our DNA became deactivated
Our pineal and pituitary glands were greatly affected
And 90 percent of our brain became dysfunctional
We have been kept off line

When you work through emotional issues and trauma you raise your frequency and reconnect
Your DNA is activated and you can perceive realities that were out of reach

The negativity in the news is a smokescreen
To keep us in a negative version of reality

We are in timeline wars
Our vibrational state determines our reality
Holograms are projected to put us into the Beta Alpha and to the higher Theta brainwave state or vice versa

Time traveling is being done by the Grey aliens who are trying to save their dying race
They went cybernetic and lost their connection to Source
They want to reestablish their soul

Some humans are also in danger of losing their soul

We are being kept at a very low vibration
And our energy is being sucked by a cosmic vampire

The elite have marching orders to keep humans plugged into the matrix
Many are being merged with the machine

Time to unplug and tap into your own divine power!