The 17 great stone head sculptures
Known as the Olmec heads of Mexico
Obviously have African features

This does not make any sense according to the official narrative

Black people formerly known as copper colored came to the Americas from Lemuria
They were psychically powerful people with amazing clairvoyant abilities

All maps before 1800 show California as an island
It was part of Lemuria
And was ruled over by Queen Califia who was a black woman

Her government consisted of strong beautiful black women
The potent emotional force of a black matriarchal society
If directed properly has enormous potential

Emotions are the energy by which we write the script of reality

The original Great Seal of California depicted Queen Califia
She was later dropped in favor of a white male

The official narrative of a handful of Europeans showing up in Africa with a few muskets
Causing the taller and stronger copper colored people to cower in fear
That resulted in over 7 million being dragged off into slavery does not make any sense

After the cataclysms of the early 1800s
Along with the Tartarians and native tribes their numbers were greatly reduced

Many were shipped off to Africa
Most of the few that remained were enslaved to be farmworkers

The treatment of Hispanic farm laborers today
Is a grim reminder of that past

The former name of North Africa is Kemet and means black magic
The false out of Africa evolutionary theory was created by the Cabal

The Cabal who took over Tartaria after the last reset is the real adversary
They keep our true ancestry hidden

Over 4 million perfectly cut blocks of up to 15 tons that were transported over 500 miles
And placed within one fiftieth of an inch in the Great Pyramid at Giza
Bespeak of a past advanced civilization
That knew how to extract energy from the earth
And send it via towers columns and obelisks
Is our true origins

The pyramids at Chichen Itza Uxmal Teotihuacan and Tikal
Are similar to the pyramids of Khufu Khafre Snefru and Menkaure

The red brick buildings of Tartaria
Which adorn every American city
Is our true history

Maps only 3 to 4 hundred years old show Starfort cities with skyscrapers and copper domes
And show castles on mountain tops in Europe India China and Africa

The South Pacific which is the former Lemuria
Is replete with megalithic structures of highly advanced design

We are in an identity crisis
If we knew how powerful we were in the past
It would be too difficult for us to be controlled by an elite few

So our history was entirely rewritten!