On the 33rd parallel near Irvine and Lake Forest California
20 miles away from Los Angeles in Orange County
Is a cloning center

The entrance is through the Frank Bowman landfill which is closed off
Frank Bowman was among other things a technical consultant to the movie Soylent Green

The cloning center also has an arena
Sacrifices are performed there
Kobe Bryants 13 year old virgin daughter was sacrificed there
Lizard people such as Queen Elizabeth are there enjoying the show

Politicians and celebrities also attend
The more human ones have to be forced
They feign approval to be accepted and keep their jobs

The cloning center creates hybrids and monstrosities of many kinds
Gigantic spiders are created that eat people and half humans
Clones are forced to battle it out to the death

These clones are of people who have attained celebrity status
By selling their DNA to a bunch of old freaks
The same people that are idolized by the masses

Children are gang raped
Many get eaten by the lizard people

There are 3 main types of lizard people
The tallest are about 8 feet and have long necks
They have a probiscis that sticks out in the middle of their head

It is injected into the eyeball and enters a host
It works its way to the optic nerve
This is called sweating the quill

The person loses their consciousness
And the reptilian takes over the body and quickly learns to mimic humans
In order to function in this world
They are called Mimics

There are 2 big screen TVs that hang down on each side
Where murder videos are shown
And where people are lured onto fake UFOs and subsequently strapped down and sexually abused
Then are afterwards mind slided and do not realize what just happened

Below the cloning center are underground warehouses
With stacks of clones
And thick glass tanks of salt water with growing clones
Which takes about 5 months

There are cloning centers all over the world
Many beautiful women are cloned and then are inhabited by lizards
Donald Trumps wife is an example

Technology is so advanced that the elite put their consciousness onto a microchip
It is then inserted into someone and that person is body snatched

They also go through school yearbooks and find the cutest kids
They get a blood sample and from that can create a clone
Who is sexually abused in the arena

Clones are continually being scrapped
And are buried in the Frank Bowman landfill
With the remains of hybrids and humans!