When we dream we tap into alternate realities
That vibrate at different frequencies

Below the subterranean tunnels of the military industrial complex
Is the hollow earth

It has an inner sun and an ocean
It has rivers and mountains

Lemurians and other ancient people went there to escape catastrophes
They have advanced technology and free energy

The cyclical Jubilee of plasma will reconnect us
The photonic light energy will reactivate our 10 dormant DNA strands

An all out effort to keep us in fear is being perpetrated upon us
By wearing a mask we participate in the Satanic rituals of the Illuminati
Who wear masks and stand 6 feet apart during their sacrifices

When you wear a mask you project your energy through that mask
Which changes your personality

Slaughterhouses are an extension of these Satanic rituals
When you eat meat you participate in them

When the 5th dimensional wall breaks they will not be able to hide
Movies video games and the media also broadcast fear into the human consciousness

2 Peter 3:3 says
It will be the day of judgement and destruction of the ungodly
And it will be accomplished by a heavenly fire
Which means a geo storm of plasma

Be in the positive and rise above it
Be an observer of your thoughts

Some thoughts are not your own
Some are telepathically picked up from others
Some are planted there by negative entities
Some are transported on radio waves from 5G towers

The Day of Judgement is karma on a grand scale
Karma is a way to learn from mistakes
It is an accountability that compels a soul to be responsible
To get you to change your mindset

We are multiple layers of consciousness
Take steps toward your higher self

Everyone is being activated now
Hold the vibration which will set you free
That will put you in a new reality within the collective reality

You are the quantum field and you can project the multiverse within your structure
The Great Awakening is inside you!