Walk the path that represents the full expression of your authenticity
When you pray to a non existent god
You give away your power

Tap into your sovereignty and your frequency will rise

When you identify with a control system
It will prevent your spiritual awakening

When you become attached to fear
You will feel negative and become stuck

You have all the power because you are Consciousness
You are being holographically projected by your higher self
Know that your location is in the quantum field

Imagine what you want
And visualize yourself projecting it

Raise your vibration with positive emotion
Stay with it moment to moment
And you will shift to a parallel reality that is more positive

The universe will reflect your geometric patterns of light and sound vibrations back to you
Though not in the way you might have expected

Do not question the outcome
Because it is a projection of you

When one aligns themselves with their passion and ethics
They will not abandon a part of themselves

We determine our destiny
By where we invest our energy

When we learn how to tap into the quantum field
We become the architect in the matrix

We change the codes with our mind!