In 1942 was the Battle of Los Angeles
A spacecraft flew south through Southern California

It was hit many times by anti aircraft weaponry with no effect
And continued slowly making its journey along the coast

In 1947 Admiral Byrd with the largest Naval fleet ever mustered
Headed south to Antartica in what was called Operation High Jump

It was met by a number of high tech craft and thoroughly defeated
And limped back with only a remnant of its ships

These aircraft were from the ancient builder race
Who are now in the inner honeycomb earth
Which is assessable in Antarctica which surrounds us
Called Neu Schwabenland

They are also called Stasis or red haired giants

A Nazi breakaway group aligned with them
The reason we took in Nazis in Operation Paperclip
Was to get this advanced technology

In 2018 another encounter with the ancient builder race
Was with a ship we called Oumuamua

We have a tense stalemate with them
Neither side wants a conflict!