Fusion centers are opening
They are test sites which knock out people with scopolamine and radio waves
And microchip them for monitoring

The Russian Poseidon Submarine Drone is a doomsday weapon
It can create devastating earthquakes and 150 feet tsunamis

The V90 Vulture is a swarm of slaughter bots
That sound like a swarm of locusts
They circle around the target then go in for the strike

Psychotronic mobile weapon carriers
Use pulsed radiation technology for mind control

19 is the number for slaughter
It is the point of the sword or tip of the spear

The top of the celestial pyramid in the former age
Where lesser gods were seen to be sacrificed or burned
By the ruling planetary gods

11 is the number for ruin and destruction
3 is the number of Abaddon or Apollyon
The angel of destruction in the abyss
Who was the alter ego of Mars in the celestial underworld or lower heavens

These numbers are turned into dates which the Illuminati and Freemasons create upheavals

Kanye West sacrificed his mother
And Michael Jordon sacrificed his father
So that they could become higher ranking members

The highest ranking members collaborate with aliens
In genetic experiments mind control programs and psychotronic warfare

There are also dimensional blending projects
Which allow time travel into the future

Pulsed displayed images on TV screens Computer monitors and cell phones
Send out a sensory resonance which is embedded in the program material
It creates an EM field capable of internalizing messages in humans

Every relay or electrical conduit inside a computer looks like a sigil
Which is a diagram or pattern used to conjure spirits

There is a hidden war over consciousness
Stemming from the more technologically advanced alien races
Which subjects us to enslavement
Without our conscious realization or informed consent

We are in a negative 3D AI reality
Striving to get into a 5D healing consciousness

We are in a negative projection of the original divine crystal blueprint
That generates distortions of the physical body
And manifests behavioral dysfunctioning

Anti life forces are finite
They will eventually deteriorate

Defend the truth
And command your space!