No one is allowed beyond the south 60th parallel
Or as a Simpsons episode puts it
Send roaming death squads there to prevent people from entering

To go past the south 60th parallel you need military clearance
Or you can be part of a totally controlled tour group
That is limited to a few outer South Shetland islands
And charges you about $10,000 dollars

They say it is to protect penguins
Yet psychopathic hunters are allowed in every other country
To kill animals to near extinction
And oceans are being depleted by vast fishing nets

They also say it is to protect the environment
Yet chemtrails are sprayed all over the world
And greedy corporations have unlimited access everywhere else

You can apply for a permit
You have to fill out a comprehensive environmental impact assessment
Which will cost you anywhere between $250,000 and 1 million dollars
And there is no refund if you do not get approved

So what is the real reason why access to Antartica is blocked
It is because Antarctica is not what they say it is

It surrounds our plane and leads to vast lands of unexplored continents
In other words it is a continuation of our flat earth plane
That extends for an incredible distance

It is divided into realms that have frequency barriers
The one closest to us is probably partially in the Antarctic Ocean
And goes along somewhere close to the outer rim of Antarctica

If people found this out it would give the game away
The mass deception would take a big hit

Antarctica also has pyramids
It has tunnels to the inner world
That is why Hitler was so obsessed with Antarctica

He had Nazi explorations of underground tunnels in Europe and Africa
But it was a expedition to a tunnel in Tibet where Reptilians were encountered
It changed his whole view

The Thule society and the Ahnnenerbe Society in Germany
Became united into the Vril Society

The search for relics and ancient texts described by HP Lovecraft
Now included mythical places
Hitler wanted to find Atlantis

But the allies put an end to all of it!