I get up very early to write
Before I begin I take a little walk in the darkness to awaken myself

I walk up a hill which overlooks the college campus I live near
And I gaze upon the lights and look up at the stars

This morning as I was looking down upon the campus
I noticed an appearance of a phenomenon in the star lit heavens

A long string of lights was slowly gliding across the sky
I stared at it in amazement and realized it was a huge craft
Being barely able to make out the form above the flowing stream of lights

It traveled toward the southwest and was visible for maybe 10 to 15 seconds
Until it suddenly disappeared

A week ago I was working out at the University Rec Center
It was a nice day so I took a break went outside and walked up a little hill that is behind it

A storm was passing to the north so I sat down on a picnic table and watched it
I noticed above the big clouds there was a spherical shaped darker cloud which I thought was unusual

Tall pillar formations of clouds like fluffy basaltic columns appeared below the darker sphere
Which intrigued me all the more

Then all of a sudden there was a bright flash
And a cylinder shaped metallic object became visible in what was the dark area above the columnar clouds

It was visible only for a few seconds
Then it took on the appearance of the white fluffy clouds below it and merged with them

The columned clouds also lost their structure
Which I assume were formed by electrical currents emanating from the craft

The reality of our existence is not what people think!