In the movie The Kingsmen
Every politician has an explosive chi implanted in their head
With the touch of a button they can be killed

This is a symbolic representation of the fact
That every politician in the pedocracy or ruling pedophiles
Can be taken down by the release of blackmail control files

Which includes horrific video proof of participating in pedophilia and child sacrifice
Also the drinking of the victims blood

The real reason the elite want to reduce the human population
Is because a smaller population is easier to manage
In a totalitarian dictatorship of the New World Order Pedocracy

Lower level Freemasons go along with the depopulation agenda
Because they think it is necessary for their survival

Systematic poisoning of the food and water
Is just illness profiteering of diseased drug addicted Sheeple

The dumping of fluoride bleach into the water supply
Lithium in the chemtrails
And food contact poisons such as BPA
Lowers peoples IQ while making them sick

The gang stalkers and spineless bootlickers
Wo are at the behest of the occult authorities
Think they are shrewd and are with the winning side

They think they are separating the wheat from the chaff
But do not realize they will become the chaff

They are being turned into opportunistic self serving psychopaths

The fire has been lit
Trying to control it by shing more light on one subject rather than another
Just makes it blaze brighter!