When someone puts on a white lab coat
People automatically think they are smart
That they have good intentions
And will help them

People will do whatever they say
Even without questioning

College medical departments are run by grants and donations
From the psychopathic pharmaceutical industry

Just like the agricultural science departments
Are sponsored by the psychopathic meat and dairy industries

When ones outlook is all about themselves
They are unable to vibrate outside themselves very far
And lack the ability to sympathize with others

Low vibrational people cannot hold higher frequencies
And if they do not change their intent
Will eventually expire

College Presidents are appointed by the psychopathic Freemasons
Whose chief purpose is to achieve applied consent for the Beast

The Beast is a supercomputer with AI algorithms
Who will use graphene nano particles to interface directly with the human brain

The nano particles lodged in the brain is the neural interlace of Elon Musk
Giving humans an augmented reality
But the data will be controlled by AI

In the past we had advanced civilizations
Who utilized the earths energy

The worldwide pyramids and the thousands of standing stone menhirs in Europe
Testify to this

The headstones of many US military graveyards were actually Tartarian energy conduction fields
That have been rearranged and converted into cemeteries

The graphene AI interface will be via the Cloud
Which is the magnetization of the ambient air

Nano particles and metallic substances have been sprayed in the atmosphere
In the chemtrail program

They have been ionized by EMF radiation

Barium is more reflective than glass
And is used in cloaking technology

The moon is actually a pulsating rotating artificial object
That has a gyrotron emitting capability

The reason we only see one side
Is because in the back or dark side is a lunar simulator

It is alien tech designed to keep us at a low vibration
That is why the word lunacy is derived from lunar

And the word maniac is from moon!