The most advanced trait of humanity
Is our selfless ability to direct our lives
For the greater good

Empathy and love are the most advanced and enduring traits of humanity

Callousness and fear have enjoyed a long dominion
But their end is inevitable

Occultists have long sought to identify and enslave psychics
And get the rest of the population to ignore them
As superstitious nonsense or the work of the Devil

College campuses promote moral relativism
And is foisted upon the indoctrinated debt slaves

The police and military as well as other influential occupations
Just follow orders

But karma lies as much with the creator of the order
As with the ones who carry it out
One does not need to actually have blood on their hands
To have blood on their hands

The acute awareness of natural moral laws
And guilt for immoral behavior
Is the reason for elaborate attempts of Satanic secret societies
To somehow justify their action
And ignore or absolve their karmic debt

But is just a slippery slope for deeper enslavement into the Cabal

Occult members who try to excuse their guilt for abusing people because they have lower IQs
Are themselves being stupid and are just practicing self deception and herd conformity
Stupidity self deception and herd conformity are on the list
Of the unpardonable sins of Anton LeVay

Less intelligence is also the reason people give for eating pigs
But pigs are smarter than dogs

Once entrapped into a violation of sin
It becomes an almost unending downward spiral of enslavement

Satanists try to absolve their guilt
By thinking since they have sold their souls
They are no longer responsible
And they are just following orders

They also think since there are many people participating in these rituals
That their guilt is lessoned

That is the same reasoning behind firing squads
With only one rifle cartridge having a real bullet

The participant convinces himself that he is only guilty
Of a fraction of the murder

The awareness of natural moral law
Is the primary reason why dark occultists
Post public admissions of their affiliations and intentions

The language in which they make their admissions is almost always symbolic

Baal or Molech is the god of child sacrifice
It is depicted in Olympic opening ceremonies and Super Bowl halftime shows

It is so obvious that the vast majority of Sheeple
Cannot believe it possibly can be real

They are saying if you are too stupid to read such a simple message
You deserve to be enslaved

They try to discharge their guilt upon their prey!