Everything repeats itself in a persons timeline
Until they resolve the energetic conflict issue or trauma
That is recorded in their consciousness memories

Trauma and emotional pain are stored as blockages
And impact the interconnective functions

Trauma memories extend back into multiple lifetimes

Unhealed trauma leads to overwhelming stress
Filling us with fear
Thus impeding our ability to be fully authentic
And inhibiting our capacity to fulfill our life purpose

We unconsciously play out painful memories
Imprinted in our cellular record

Negative entities will be attracted to the stored pain
And a negative patterning will result

Trauma can block macrocosmic energy connections
Thus life force currents are unable to run properly throughout our body

Unresolved emotional or physical trauma
Will produce negative thinking and destructive behavior
And a person will struggle to control their automatic impulses and responses
Making them feel overwhelmed and devastated

Breaking up the stagnant patterns of trauma is necessary
For our optimum health and function

Our spiritual energetic axiatonal lines
Require a free and balanced flow of life force energy

Therapies are wide and varied
What works for some might not for others

Heavy workouts massage a dog walking on the beach hiking dancing and introspection are examples

Acupuncture can stimulate energy signals and treat imbalances throughout the meridians
That direct consciousness and sensory information
Opening up communication links between cells

The meridians and axiatonal lines project out into a diagonal diamond grid
Which fortifies and amplifies the crystalline matrix

Crystals and gemstones have spiritual power that wield natural laws
They have the ability to absorb and transmute negativity
And help heal other types of energy imbalances

Nature and animals are energy templates
And are spiritual catalysts who will nourish and support us

Animals will respond to loving hearts of authentic humans

That is why it is important for us to open our hearts!