The Global Immunity Passport is the end of liberty

The mRNA vaccine injects hydrogel
Which has quantum dots called Luciferase

These will also be in the upcoming self administered patch
Tiny needles will be the delivery mechanism
That will leave a scratch or etching

This is the Mark of the Beast
The Badge of Servitude

We currently have 2 pairs of 22 chromosomes or 44 in our genome
A third synthetic strand consisting of 22 more will be added
Giving us 3 strands of 22 or 322
The number of Skull and Bones

The numbers of fake casualties in the fake Ukranian war are coded
They add up to 322 or 311
March 11 1918 or 311 was the date of the beginning of the fake Spanish flu

The elite are themselves victims
When they were children they experienced violence
Now they switch roles and superimpose victimization on others

Raping children is the most productive way
To steal soul energy and create split personalities

Electrical signals race up the spine and explode
Creating multiple personalities

This is called vaso vasal shock
And is known as the Key of Solomon

It also binds them to their abusers
Human and non human

Their misery in sexual relations evolve into deviations and perversions
Which disconnect them from their soul

This creates sexual addictions and a double life
Where a person appears normal in their day job

This is typically played out in the priesthood

They dismantle themselves from the feelings of others

The practice of child sexual abuse
Takes them into child sacrifice
Where the vital essence of the child is extracted

Orphanages are pillaged so they can use the pure blood of a child
To gain more power and material success
By summoning entities who feed off the emotional trauma

This is why there is nothing done about the sexual shows on the internet
Where victims of sexual slavery are forced to perform live acts

The elite believe they will escape judgement
By uploading and transcending themselves into the quantum computer

They are seduced by this power
And will seek to destroy the human race before
They would want this new world order to go away!