The land of Canaan was the promised land of the Israelites
It was called Canaan because people there were cannibals
They practiced the ritual sacrifice of animals and humans
Then consumed their flesh

They did this as they summoned demons

They had made a pact with reptilian entities
In which they received at first valuable gemstones
Then later advanced technology

The Ark of the Covenant which was stolen from the Great Pyramid at Giza
Was used to annihilate civilizations

As their power grew they introduced the practice of eating flesh

They instituted a religion saying that god demands a sacrifice
People were required to bring them their first fruits
Which was their first born

During their festivals they went to castles
Demanding the occupants give up a daughter for their sacrifice

Their enemy was the Tartarians
Who were an Aaryan race of noble ones

Origin writes they would rather die than eat animal flesh

Herodotus tells us Egyptians consisted of raw fruits and vegetables

Plinius tells us that the early Republic of Romans
Were strict vegetarians and did not consume flesh

And the Greeks who were referred to as Pelasians
Ate only fruits and lived sound noble long lives

Hesiod says that immortal man who lived in the time of Chronus (Saturn)
Where death was just being overcome by sleep
Were a golden race where fruit was abundant

They also fashioned figs and myrtle berries
With barley of wheat and made cakes

Plato who along with Socrates reached a great age
Said that their cities suffer from inflammation
From the raising of cattle and swine herds
Causing decline and decay

Ovid related how Plato through his moral priority
Ate only what is produced from the ground

Pythagoras said Alas what wickedness
To swallow flesh into our own flesh
To fatten our greedy bodies
By cramming in it other bodies

What evil it is to have one living creature
Fed by the death of another

Leonardo Da Vinci who abstained from meat said
Mans brutality exceeds all others
By killing animals at an early age
In order to devour them
And make our bodies their burial places

The time will come when humans
will look upon the death of animals
As they now look upon the murder of humans

Nikola Tesla said
Vegetarianism (Veganism) is a commendable departure
From the established barbarous habit

That we can subsist on plant food even to our advantage
Is not a theory but a well established fact!