When people believe what the media says
They then become mind control slaves
And are groomed to do what they are told

The current population has been mind controlled
Into the false narrative of free citizenry participating in free markets
And that crimes against humanity will be prosecuted

The United Nations World Bank International Monetary Fund and NATO
Are all products of the power elite
Which run human trafficking
For labor sex and anything else they want

Hidden behind multinational corporate fronts
As well as religious and humanitarian institutions
Are sexual predators who enjoy the ritual torture and murder of children

Satanic holy days require many human sacrifices
Done in their backyard or on the church alter of sacrifice

Sacrifice buys them the protection of extradimensional entities

The vital essences and soul energy from the pure blood of the child
Is extracted for non humans

The consumption of adrenalized blood of ritually sacrificed children
Provide for a temporary euphoric consciousness

Every 40 seconds in the United States a child goes missing

The agenda is for complete and utter control over our lives

All living beings have the right to life
To be as they are without harm
To live without deception and slavery

A rebirth of consciousness is needed
So that we gain access to our higher selves
So that the heart brain connection is activated
So that we can actually feel external energies moving around us
So that we can love others as ourselves!