Reptilian human representatives
Are bred as genetic hybrids

Thus are easy for entities to possess
And mind control for their agenda

The Illuminati is based within these
Genetically controlled factions

It has evolved into corrupted lineages
Of secret societies
That form the Freemasons

Which further digresses into the cabal of bankers
Who manipulate the worlds finances
And use debt enslavement programs
To maintain wealth in the hands
Of their reptilian bloodlines

Bribes are used to reward and groom
And blackmail is used to threaten
Their CEO servants and political stooges

Their minds become psychopathic and operate on a very low frequency

Human sacrifices blood rituals and magic spells
Are used to siphon life force energy

If they all took off their masks
We would cease to follow them

Then there is the medical mafia
Who roll out their experimental toxic injections
With nano technology faulty proteins and morgellonic fibers

Using fake trauma to cause people to fall prey
To the predator propaganda

Soft kill methods such as pesticides chemtrails
Pharmaceuticals water fluoridation and GMO food
Along with a diet of animal products
Cut off our heart based relationship
With our higher self

Through these methods
Entities have gained control
Over the consciousness of the human population

Wars are staged
Not only to provide loosh food for these entities
But because they are financially beneficial
For their human representatives

These same genocidal agendas have happened before
But because history is manipulated
And the past is not remembered
We are condemned to repeat it

Preventing humans from moving forward
Into higher frequency timelines!