We are walking programs of the subconscious
That were installed at an early age

Every thought produces a vibrational tone
Each tone is attached to certain foundational belief systems which we act out
We become what we think

Our personality creates our present reality
What we express effects the world around us

When the subconscious is in charge we do not operate in the now
But in the foggy shadow self in the recesses of the mind

Align with the energy that you desire
Become the real you

Do affirmations and visualizations
Put energy behind them and get emotionally involved with them
The subconscious does not distinguish between reality and imagination

New neurons will form and connect
They will transmit new nerve impulses
The old version of you will dissipate

You will transform into a new identity
Into an identity that was hidden behind a facade of unconscious beliefs

The shift of energy will cause you to be more excited about life
And you will feel better about yourself

The transformation will not be quick
You have to continually act out the new you
But it is just a matter of time

The person who lives out their dreams never gives up
They continually overcome obstacles

As they are focused on their new path they empower themselves
The higher the vibration the easier it is to transition

The universe will see you as you reach for beautiful manifestations
And you will feel the presence of your desire unfolding!