The vaccinated will be a clear and present danger
To the unvaccinated

An attenuated amount of SARS CO2
Is injected via the vaccine

While the immune system
Is being overwhelmed
By synthetic proteins and enzymes

Usually viral mutations are weaker

But this designer virus
Will become more virulent
And thus more contagious
As it develops into new variations

The vaccinated will become carriers
The immunized will become virus factories
Designed to affect more people

At first the vaccinated will be asymptomatic
But as the dramatic spike in side effects and deaths occur

The narrative will be ramped up
That the unvaccinated are to blame
But the opposite is true

People will wonder about the person next to them
Is it safe to be close to them

A detective warning system will be in cell phone applications
Because they will detect if one is vaccinated
By their injected technological components

The big question will be
Have you been vaccinated

The unvaccinated will be classified as the enemy
And will be blamed for the increase in deaths later this year

There will be outright hostility
As vaccinated people with degraded health and mental abilities
Look for someone to blame

Famous people who allegedly are taking the vaccine on TV
Are actually just being injected with sterile saline

McDonalds is already starting to request proof of vaccination
It will soon encompass all businesses, theatres, sporting events etc.

Our society will become schizophrenic
In a constant state of fear

Using the limbic system
To think only with emotions

People will be in an alpha wave state
With overstimulation of the frontal lobes

But the brain has already been rewired
Due to cortisol addiction
Caused by HD screens

And the spell has already been cast!