The air is a complex mix of essential elements
Each characterized by a distinct signature of energy

We are intricately intertwined in a medium of energy transference
And the harmonious interplay of forces form our existence

We are conduits for the exchange of magnetic energy
As emotions flow and thoughts occur
Our aura responds with a fluid dance of energy patterns

A well maintained aura boosts a persons vitality
Positive emotions virtuous attitudes and healthy habits
Form the bedrock upon which the aura thrives

Actions which enhance energetic equilibrium cultivates the aura
A blue aura will be a shield and repel unwanted external forces
Such as harmful microwaves in 5G towers and LED lights

We are the god of the atoms that make up ourselves
And we are also the atoms of the God that is the universe

Shift your focus to a world brimming with potential
Ground yourself in the beliefs that dreams can transmute into tangible reality

Discard outdated beliefs so that all your dreams
Become intertwined with your everyday experience

Embrace a waltz with the mysterious
Where limitations are transcended and challenges are stepping stones

Dance with the Universe as your partner
Promenade in sequence with the outside world to the rhythm of your intent

In your journey toward self realization and achieving dreams
Focus on your desired state and the subconscious will deliver that emotion
Tell your subconscious specifically what program you want to run

A consistent level of happiness keeps the door of our vibrational manifestation vault open
To a world where the wheel of fortune manifests your desires at the perfect time

And you become a beautiful inspiring expression of yourself!