Sounds activated in a specific sequence
Activate dormant capacities within you

When you vocalize Ohm or other mantras
You enhance your toroidal field of energy
And you empower yourself by crafting distinctive energy patterns

The Nazca Lines in Peru appear to match the layouts
Of ancient acoustic devices that resonate with specific frequencies

Collective energy can manifest in a series of ways
It sets in the etheric realm
And appears in 3d density in a way that fits the pattern it had in the ethereal plane

Sasquatch are cryptids which are half human and half plant
They change their energy by eating the foliage on tree branches
When they reach a certain frequency they are off into another dimension

Starseeds are on a mission to bring members of their family back home
We are here to have an experience without getting too attached

This simulation was created so that energy beings could raise their vibration
Humans put out the energy that keeps the simulation working

If we maintain our current course
We will create enough light to trigger a crystalline activation

In this dream world of illusion
Be a lucid dreamer
Thought and emotion produce energy that pushes its way into physicality

Act as if you already achieved your goals
It will make the realization of them more likely

We change the position of electrons just by our observance
Our minds create narratives that seep into reality

The Universe will give you what you expect
It will define your existence within the walls of that expectation

Letting go of specific outcomes allows the Universe to act in accordance to your needs
And not just in compliance with your wish list

The language of the Universe is one of vibration and frequency
And your relationship with it is one of resonance and reciprocity

Do not just visualize
Live as if you are complete

And do not just act
Be as if you are whole!