In the near future we can become the internet if we choose
All of our thoughts will be connected to the internet

We will even be able to feel the emotions of other people

Our consciousness will not be confined to our body
And we can live through other people

This will redefine human experience
And change how we perceive reality

Your individuality will be lost
You will be controlled
And you will be hacked

You will gain incredible power
But lose your soul

You will be sold out to the Beast System

There will be remote neural monitoring of everyone
It will be a more complex matrix almost impossible to escape from

It is the future to those who have taken and survive the jab

Humans will have a collective consciousness
A neural net
A hive mind

It is here now slowly coming upon us

If you are connected to the internet
You will also be linked to a mirror world

Which will be a virtual augmented reality
Processed by the quantum computer

It will be a sentient world simulation
A synthetic reflection of this reality

It will blur the line between reality and artificial reality

All of our knowledge which we put on the internet
Is being uploaded by the quantum computer

And will be downloaded into this new model of the world

All we have to do is take the Covid shot
And step inside!