You make every single hologram of your reality
By projecting it when you shift your consciousness
Through vibrations of emotions

Your reality is a mirror image of your consciousness

Just like two particles of plasma with comparable vibration
Will unite and form a third one

You will merge with other sound frequency holograms
When you resonate at a similar wavelength

If it is not the reality you wish
Then pull away from it and do not focus on it
Give thanks for it because gratitude allows new energy to come in

We are so powerful because we are expressions of Consciousness in a fractal

The negative structure goes to extreme measures
Of poisoning brainwashing and electrical manipulation

So they can sustain themselves
And block us from restructuring ourselves

As the new vibrations come in
Our molecular resonance will rise

But theirs will self destruct
Because they cannot match the new frequency

Frequencies are electrical currents that activate cells
Which will then energize the entire molecular system of the body

Our cells are like batteries
They are capacitors that hold charge

Many children coming into the world now are hybrids
Because they can hold the increased vibration
Which will be the reality of humanity

Aliens are us and we are them
Because their DNA is in us

Our destiny is to expand and fill the universe!