In the movie Knives Out
Hunter Bidon plays Hugh Ransom
Who kills his grandfather for an inheritance

In real life Hunter Bidon receives a huge ransom for betraying others

In the Illuminati the top level elite are rewarded for their obedience
With age regression

There are two major Orders of the Illuminati The Golden Dawn and The Phoenix
Joe Bidon is a Phoenix traitor

The Joe Bidon now in the White House is an alien in a clone
You can tell he has different eyes chin and nose

In the movie GI Joe
WW3 commences under an imposter President Bidon

WW3 is the War of Armageddon between Gog and Magog
A planned war just like the Civil War with real casualties

The Order of The Golden Dawn is the North
And the Phoenix Order is the South

This will also be a reenactment of the celestial war of the past age
Between Satan or Saturn the god of the North
And the invading Lucifer or Mars the invading god of the South

The Golden Dawn are known for their dark matter entities
While the Phoenix Order has lighter colored beings

They communicate in public through eye blinking and hand signals
But their disdain for each other can be aroused quickly

The real space program is called SERPO
It is an alien human exchange program

CERES spacecraft are used to communicate with dark matter beings
To facilitate the secret mission of replacing humans
With EBEs or Extraterrestrial Biological Entities

A great number of people unknowingly have already been replaced
During their sleep

A Narcissist is the label to hide this exchange

The food at McDonalds is designed for these beings
It is designed for the Reptilian and Draconian digestive system
Not for humans!