In Los Angeles in the 1930s
Hearing screams coming from underground was common

A labyrinth of well planned subterranean tunnels
With gold treasures and valuable jewels
Extended for over 30 kilometers

One could access this network of tunnels by various portals
But the catch was lizard people were down there

At Dulce New Mexico there are 1700 miles of tunnels
That extend for 800 miles toward Los Alamos

There are 7 layers of tunnels
The 6th and 7th floors are the mostly off limits to humans

The 6th floor is known as Nightmare Hall
Where hideous genetic experiments are performed
Cages and vats hold abducted humans and animals

The power elite are not who you think they are
They drink blood from jewel encrusted goblets
Stirring the blood with a dagger

They eat human flesh at sacrifices
And wear ornate red and purple robes with gold linings and jewels sown in

They shapeshift into their reptilian form

Many are hundreds of years old
Are over 7 feet tall and muscular

They have fangs a long snout and a protruding tongue with pointed projectiles
They have scales claws and a tail
Their skin is speckled brown
They hiss

They have large protruding greenish gold eyes

There is an ornate chair for the Queen Mother
Who is vicious cruel and cold but enjoys eating humans

The human elite cooperate with them
And have become them

Trading their souls for power

Willingly transferring their consciousness into artificial bodies
Giving up their humanity
And deceiving the public!