There has never been a pandemic
And the PCR test is a big fraud

Martial law is in place
And is just waiting to be implemented

The ones complying are the ones dying

People will only see the truth
When they start to deprogram

Until then they feed the fake world
With inverted energy

Zelensky calls for NATO to nuke Russia
The UK wants America to go to war

There is no such thing as nuclear power or nuclear weapons
The nucleus of an atom cannot be compressed 5 times
Then suddenly released in a burst of energy

WW3 will be directed energy weapons
Under the cooperation of all the fake leaders
Who are nothing more than puppets

Right after the first strike
A pre planned financial panic will set in
With bank closures and asset freezing

The sheeple will be glued to their TV set
With emotional instability and paranoia
Their fake world will be coming apart

Our mind is like a grand piano
With a million notes

We create perception
By sending electrical signals into the neo cortex
Which are presented as vision

We play our piano with our imagination

We allow ourselves to be tricked
By being oblivious to what is happening behind the scenes
And ignorant of the man behind the curtain!