Revelation 9:7 says
Locusts which look like horses prepared for battle
With crowns of gold
And faces that resemble human faces
Will have stingers like scorpions

Slaughterbots are small drones
The SS-4 have lasers
While the BB-6 has a soft touch
But are filled with poison
They can take out a person while asleep
And no one will know what killed them

That can fly simultaneously like locusts

They are the size of a bee
And can break through walls

They have facial recognition capability
And can target an enemy of the state

After the 2021 financial reset
And a 3rd wave of vaccine deaths
And an upcoming war
And a cataclysmic nature event
And a brutal lockdown

Insurrection will need to be quelled

When the body and spirit are separated
One becomes parasitic and vampiric

But when we accomplish our souls intention
And imprint our spiritual resonance
Upon this fractal arrangement

Which is a simulation
Operated by a device
Which prints our bodies into reality

We access our greater self
And synchronize with our true self
Which is outside the system

And we connect to the future
And to eternity
An eternity beyond anything we can imagine

This is the secret of secrets!