During the New Years Festival in Seattle
The Space Needle produced a digital holographic apparition
Of a Lotus Flower blooming

During halftime at the Super Bowl
A Lotus Flower was produced once more

Kamala Harris is the new Vice President

She is actually a he
Like all the other First Ladies

Her name Kamala means Lotus Flower

In I Pet Goat 2 symbology
The Lotus Flower is blooming
As the Anti Christ appears

The preliminary injections of the Corona vaccine
Is setting the stage as forerunners

For the Micro Needle Array Patch
Whose major supplier is Micron

Which will hook people up to the new cryptocurrency

The Anti Christ will bring in this new money system

An encrypted ledger referred to as the Blockchain

And will be heralded as a remedy
For the planned financial meltdown

But it will also shut down the Pre Frontal Cortex
Making humans operate only on the instinctual level
Unable to criticize or analyze

And thus create a serf class
Under the elite

This Grand Illusion
Is based n observed human psychology

Will it be the Final Solution

Will humans be reduced
To do the bidding of a computer

And those who try to warn
Be viewed as the enemy

It will be said the virus has mutated
Into a more virulent strain

Making the micro needle array patch mandatory

Will the Anti Christ
Who will soon be our President

Be the one
Who is heralded as Savior!