The soul immortalizes by emotionally induced phonon implosion
That align with codons to produce the Golden Braid
Which become a Grand Attractor

These DNA braids induce geometric extensions of consciousness
Becoming spiraling turns or curves which are the Golden Means squared and cubed

The DNA helix is a dodecahedron made up of fractal hydrogen
That is triggered by phonon harmonics
Initiated by heart coherence

Simply put the compassion for people and animals
And appreciation of the earth with all its life forms
Expands the soul

The fractal wave shows up in the next harmonic level
This is called ascension

This squeeze of kundalini lightning
Starts with sacrocranial brainwaves that electrify the heart
Producing toroidal voltage waves that have a direct influence on your surroundings

Humans are afloat on a sea of consciousness
And we are able to directly compress electrical charge with focused attention
Because that implodes our directional longitudinal beam

We walk around without realizing the magnitude of frequencies available to us

Our electromagnetic toroidal field or aura is our unique signature
That creates our individual reality
When we realize our spiritual purpose it becomes very powerful

Deep love generates high coherence ratios in the frequency of DNA
High intention creates the resonance energy transfer along the strands
As shown in thought directed to water

In a bliss state your DNA recursively braids

The oscillating cross hemispheric resonance of an awakened mind
Will feel the earths magnetic lines of force
Or the longitudinal interferometry of the ley lines

We exist as a wave function
The waves of our brain heart and breath combine

A wave of compassion is the perfect phi ratio

The 3d spiraling of the Golden Mean is the idealized resonance
And happiness is the success of phase conjunction imploding your DNA template

Your radiance will adhere you to the stars!