The reptilian who occupies the clone of Joe Bidon
Says he may die tomorrow

The plan is to have him out of office
And have Kamala Harris come in
So that the government will appear unorganized
When the war starts

Actors assume their role
And are on stage until the script has them departing

The list of famous people who portray different characters
But who are just playing various parts of a worldwide drama show
Are of royal blood lineages
Which is RH negative

The list includes
Adolph Hitler
Charles Manson
Walt Disney
John F Kennedy
Marilyn Monroe
Elvis Presley
Johnny Depp
Jimi Hendrix who is now Morgan Freeman
Muhammad Ali
Mic Jaegar
The crew of Saturday Night Live
OJ Simpson
Nicole Brown
Ron Goldman

Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were the same person
See how fake everything is

The elites get excited to move into a new body
And play a new role
Many times they play more than one role at once

They laugh at the naivete of the masses
They consider the common person as stupid

Ever since they stole the Arc of the Covenant
They have had world domination in mind

And have used deception to keep the population subjected!