33rd degree Freemason Albert Pike said
World War 3 will be fomented between Christians and the Islamic World
And the Medes will be a vexation to Babylon

The Medes are Persia which is Iran
And Babylon is the United States

The stage was set when by the fake death of Iranian General Gassem Solleimani
Supposedly killed by a drone sent by Trump

And Iran vowed revenge for his death

Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky is an actor
He actually played the part of the Ukranian President in a movie

Zelensky means green and green means go
His first name sounds similar to volcano die

In the movie Rocky and its sequels
The characters are Rocky Balboa Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago

Rocky is meteor and Balboa means Balboa Island or California
Apollo is Apollyon or Lucifer and Creed is religious precepts
And Drago means serpent

The 9-23-17 Jupiter in Virgo sign was translated as the Revelation 12:1-2 prophesy

According to the sequence in the movie
On 9-23-22 there will be an appearance of a celestial dragon
Which will fulfill Revelation 12:3-5
And on 9-24-22 there will be a destruction event

2022 is the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar
Which is the final countdown before the Tribulation

A possibility is that bombs will be set off in Major US cities such as New York
And will be blamed on Iran
Trump will be said to have died maybe in the Trump Tower

Zelensky will die reportedly in a Russian attack
And soon after volcanoes will go off

There will also be mega earthquakes
Various dams will break
Such as Oroville Hoover and the 3 Gorges Dam

Mens hearts will shrink from fear
For the powers of the heavens will be shaken

Joe Bidon means biding time
He will go down and Kamala Harris will become President

Taiwan will be invaded by China
US aircraft will be attacked

A new fake variant virus called the Tau variant will appear

Children will be kidnapped and said to be raptured

Bad aliens will appear
But then good aliens will appear who will want to work with humanity

These are just possibilities
Not to create fear
But to promote awareness that these things are all pre planned

As the program flies overhead
We need to not give it energy

But to stand strong