If you are awakened in the middle of the night
And see a spiritual being telling you a sequence of numbers

It is an activation code
A triggering of stored energy
An awakening of latent abilities

It is the kindling of flame letters
In your DNA template

The numbers are specifically for you
And will lead to your spiritual purpose
The reason why you have incarnated into this realm

Word triggers are used by the Deep State
To activate or deactivate clones
The deactivation phrase for the newsman Al Roker is Holy Ghost

Trigger phrases are also for people
Who have gone through the CIAs MK Ultra program
It is usually a trigger to do some nefarious deed

When a soul incarnates into this realm
They lose their memory as to who they were before

That is why master numbers are embedded in their light energy
Which becomes a part of their DNA

Arcturians have a service to others mentality
Pleiadeans are a more negative vibration
But still have beautiful souls
Orions are more service to self

Lemuria was a culture spiritually connected to the 12D consciousness
They had instant karma
There was no lying or deception

They knew their souls purpose and their incarnational contract
In the Divine Plan

They lived in connection and confidence
Until one day a horrific cataclysm
Destroyed much of their land mass

This historical trauma has left patterns of fear
In the various layers of the energy field

And also in cellular memories
Which have been handed down

This trauma needs to be released and cleared
So that the soul in their present incarnation
Can have greater expansion and higher purpose

Dreams can tell you of your origins
Snakes in dreams have their source in the Tree of Life

The twisting snake in the tree was actually
An electrical current of interdimensional plasma
Leading to other realms

So snakes in dreams can be paths to new frontiers
And they frequently possess hidden knowledge

They are usually not malevolent
But do have multiple meanings

Light is infinite
Dark is finite

You can only avoid the Infinite
For a finite amount of time!