Synthetic peptides which are small proteins
Are put into the Covid vaccine
And also sprayed as aerosol by small low altitude drones

They are grown in e coli and yeast
And have a genetic sequence of various reptiles and marine animals

These peptides will turn your body into functioning venom producers
Making humans more like reptilians

Transforming us into new versions of themselves
So that they will be more acceptable when they make their appearance

We have become an alien experimentation and hybrid species
Our blood type and eye color are a result of our DNA

The royal family have a high amount of reptilian DNA
Making their bodies easier to be possessed

They all have RH negative blood
When 2 RH negatives mate it causes genetic disorders

The body of an RH negative mother will attack a fetus that is not RH negative
If everyone evolved from apes we would all have compatible blood

Famous people such as billionaires celebrities politicians pastors and military leaders
All have RH negative blood

During Operation Paperclip only RH negatives were accepted
RH negatives have lower than normal body temperature and blood pressure
They are more prone to depression and multiple personality disorder

The reset is a war on non RH negatives
9 is the number of the new sun and 11 means rebirth

9 is 3 squared
The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan happened on 3 11 2011
The Tonga volcano just erupted on 3 11 2022

A Simpsons episode has a clock starting at 3
Then stopping at 3:30 and starting again at 11:30

11 3 also means 23 because 1+ 1 = 2
So 11 3 could mean 2023
The number 23 denotes pain

When you wear a mask you take on the personality of that mask
The program that you put out is what is materialized
Right now it is just a potential

If we come together in unity
We can powerfully manifest a positive reality

Be of a high spiritual vibration with a pure heart!