The continual loop of a hyper realistic world
Infiltrates the real one causing it to become unstable

The purpose is to trap minds in an illusion
And control everything that happens in that illusion

The entities want a simulation that can be easily manipulated
Quantitative pollution is the switching of algorithms in the quantum field

But beings from higher dimensions who exemplify the Law of One have chosen the path of service
And have incarnated in this earth plane

When the ray of divine light shoots up out of the polar vortex
It is time for the negative entities to shoot the moon and become a slider

A slider leaves this realm by going up the cosmic ladder and the hole in sky
That forms when the polar vortex becomes a ladder
And they play a real life game of cosmic shoots and ladders

The rings or steps of the cosmic ladder are toroids
They slide into another reality in the fractal verse

An individual who comes to our realm from another one is called a nobody
Because they are without identity

The divine light of Kabballah is also the fountain of youth
Ionized oxygen in the form of cold plasma will rejuvenate our bodies
And give us longevity or even immortality

Our DNA knows our prime and deteriorating cells will be replaced
Our bodies will produce proteins that make collagen and elastin
That will make us appear youthful

The plasma is also the nectar of the gods
Called manna ambrosia soma or prana
It is the anointing of the holy spirit

At Olympus Hebe or Ganymede brought ambrosia to the heavenly feast
Athena prepared Penelope in her sleep making her young and wiping away the effects of years
Hera cleansed all defilement from her lovely flesh
And Venus caused the Christ Child who was Mars to be reborn

When our world starts to be filled with plasma light
Not only will the heavenly orbs shine with renewed brightness
But we will be exalted with regeneration and superhuman abilities

At the same time negativity will dissipate
The ruling class will lose all credibility
And there will be a mass mental exodus away from the control system

The vampire race who need blood as sustenance will be the walking dead
They who defy the spiral of time by drinking blood
Will be unable to survive in a higher vibration

The New World Order will lose its steam
And there will be a renaissance of common sense
And a veritable new age of enlightenment!