The island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea
Has a vast history

It is the location of powerful ley lines that intersect
Known as Dragon Lines

Underground octagon structures connect to these Dragon Lines
The most famous one is the Hypogeum

It is a subterranean megalithic chamber
With incredible acoustic capabilities
That reverberate a rhythm similar to a heartbeat

It transposes the human psyche into higher states of consciousness
In that way it was similar to the underground Serapeum in Egypt
And the subterranean chambers in Lalibela Ethiopia

In another area comparable to the main Hypogeum
Over 7000 skeletons with elongated skulls were discovered
Which are like the elongated skulls found in Central America

They resemble the pictures engraved on bas reliefs
And inscribed on the walls below megalithic structures in Egypt

In the past Malta was a center of Celtic Essene groups
Essenes were the progenitors of the original Nazarene Christ teachings

The name Malta is the same as Malita Mel and Mer or Merlin the Magician
Also Meritaten of Aten and the Merkabah
These are acronyms of Mars whose energy in the former age inspired higher states

The ruins of the megalithic structures on Malta and Egypt
Depict the fact that these were deliberately destroyed

The intention of the off world invasion
Is to keep humans at a low level of consciousness

The Knights of Malta who are a Jesuit Order of Vatican City in Rome
Are now the ones in power on the island

The underground tunnels and subterranean vaults are now catacombs
And areas of satanic blood rituals
That funnel energy to the non human entities!