In the movie Total Recall
Arnold goes on a virtual vacation
Afterwards he is not sure what is real and what is not

We are in a simulation which has been hijacked by a fake simulation

We enter with pre incarnate contracts
Everything is planned and orchestrated from the highest part in all of us

Our original station of identity is eternal living light
We are photon particles wishing to become ascended human souls

We wish to return to the beauty of our multidimensional consciousness

As we seek to increase our light quotient
By manifesting the Law of One and unity consciousness vibration

We get stuck here with a low frequency and faulty belief system

The matrix is everywhere
It is all around us
It is in the room you are in

You can see it when you look out the window
And when you turn on the television

The masters of the matrix
Have learned how to hijack the reincarnation cycle

Those who are not able to access 5D
Cannot create a quantum convergence charge

And repeatedly are herded back into this area
Which has been walled off by ice

We are being farmed and do not realize it
Our light energy is being drained

The propaganda machine targets us with demoralizing fears

Through the information gathered on the internet
AI has created a parallel to our realm
That reflects every person
Further blurring the lines of reality

It will upload us into this reality
When the transhumanism process has taken charge

We will then be in a permanent dream state
Trapped in a virtual vacation!