Arcturians are compassionate and benevolent ETs
They are the closest example of a future human
That has undergone a 5D ascension

Arcturians help to thwart many Draconian agendas
From impacting the earth surface

They are 7D gatekeepers
Guardians of the 7th dimensional plane

Our higher selves exist in the 7D harmonic universe
Humans are connected to these divine beings

We are an interdimensional portal
With a higher level of physicality

When we expand our light body
The vibration extends to higher realms
Where our consciousness interfaces with holographic patterns

Arcturians exist at another level of awareness
They have a different vantage point from where they are stationed

Because we are connected to these higher beings
They are aspects of us

We have come through them to heal ourselves
To regenerate our DNA

Arcturians are here as humans
Healing us and themselves

Stars are portals
And Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation Bootes!