After the Atlantean cataclysm
The moon craft was brought in
And transmitted sexual misery programming
Which enabled the Satanic force to grow rapidly

The lunar satellite is a base of operations
For magnetic field manipulations
And mind control programming

Human females were forced to breed with reptilian based races
Offspring were either unable to reproduce or did not want to reproduce

So interbreeding experimentation began in laboratories
Using people not in consent with participation
Which still goes on today

The female principle digressed
Women of higher spirituality were targeted for extermination

Through Merkabah magnetic spin reversal and molecular compaction
The original DNA silicate matrix was damaged
And dissociative disorders began

Sexual energies are stolen and harvested
Then recircuited for use by alien groups

The genetic hybrids are much more hostile
Typically emotions are absent
And they can do harm on others without care or concern

You cannot align to the God Source without an emotional body

Human DNA is still key coded for interdimensional stargate mechanics
But is dormant and inactive
Most people maintain lower energies and are in split timelines

Humans have lost much of their exhilaration for life
What we are looking for is not outside of us
And is totally 100 percent accessible

We are looking for ourselves in everything
We are searching for who we really are
And trying to piece together what has been fractured

When we go up in frequency it restores our original DNA
But if we ascend too fast
We cannot handle it and we short circuit

Our power of imagination will project a physical reality
If we can picture it and feel it
We can create it

The past and our present circumstances
Do not dictate who we really are

Do not buy into the reality that is being shown
Just laugh and realize the ones who act in charge are just actors
They are clowns in a circus performance

Choose the reality you want
Nothing is off limits
You have infinite potential

Command it and be assertive
And your reality will conform to it!