The earth is an extended plane
Water is level and does not curve

If gravity was real
Butterflies would be pinned to the earth

In the center of the north is the magnetic mountain
A toroidal whirlpool surrounds it

In the former age water rushed through the vortex
From the 4 seas of the north
When the vortex retracted water descended onto the earth

Saturn was the Genie of the Pivot
Sitting atop the celestial magnetic mountain

Ezekial 1:4 says
A windstorm came out of the north
And an immense cloud with flashing lightning surrounded the brilliant light
Which was like glowing metal

Job 37:27 says
Out of the north God comes in golden splendor in his awesome majesty

The Holy Land was the north celestial realm where God dwelt upon his holy mountain
Saturn was the Great Architect that built the Tabernacle of Molech

Venus emanated the 4 celestial rivers also referred to as 4 pathways 4 arrows and 4 rivers
Venus was Eve and her green emerald glow produced the Garden of Eden
At which the 4 rivers sprang forth from

Mars was the Star of Remphan
He alighted on the Holy Cross of Venus which was the same as the 4 rivers
When he did he became energized and born again

Mars the Son of Saturn became the Savior of the world
This is also Samson regaining his power
When his hair was cut or his emanations dissipated he lost his strength

As this former celestial world became lost in antiquity
It was transferred to the terrestrial world

The cosmic pillar or lingam of the Buddha of Infinite Light
Which is the same as the phallus of Lord Shiva
Became a stalagmite in the Armath Cave in the Linder Valley in Northern India
Where masses of Hindu devotees make pilgrimages to

The tomb of Jesus is the Cave of Zeus
The Armath cave represents the divine dwelling place of Saturn on top of his holy mountain

When Venus drifted in front of Saturn the 4 emanations were formed
When Mars was electromagnetically drawn in front of Venus it was the womb of Mary
And the Holy Cross where he died and was resurrected

Together they were the Holy Trinity
In Christian theology the Holy Spirit or cosmic pillar became the third person of the Trinity
Father Son and Holy Ghost

Planets have consciousness and hold divine energy from other realms
When Saturn Venus and Mars were aligned they became a portal of ascension
And a gateway to other dimensions!