Operation Polygon was conducted on July 8 and 9 in 2020
It was a simulation of a cyber attack
That shut down all financial centers and media outlets

A digital ID will be put in place
With a credit score tied to it
Just like what they have now in China

If you have a low score
You will not get to access your new bank account

If you question authority
Or if your carbon footprint is too high
You will have a low score

You will also be able to read out the credit score of others
If you associate with people of low credit standing
It will bring down your score

Australia now requires a digital ID for employment

Facial recognition now keeps track of you everywhere you go

The controlled weather will cause water shortages
Planned food shortages are also on the horizon

Companies are being funded to provide insects as an alternative food

The reptilians want humans on cockroaches and ants
So that we will be more tasty

They want an obedient soulless humanity walking around in masks
With no individual identity

We live in a controlled reality
With death towers all around

We cannot tell who has been body snatched

The walls are closing in
And most people do not even realize
We are under attack!