Soon grocery stores
As well as all other businesses
Will have a scanner at the door

If you do not have the Mark of the Beast
Which is the smart tattoo of electrochemical biosensors
Made up of metallic nano particles
Implanted by the DNA changing vaccine

You will not be able to enter

The Beast is the Blockchain
The Blockchain is a set of quantum computers

People who worship the Image of the Beast
Have received the vaccine
And will have a computer mind interface
With direct access to the internet
And to a bank account

As well as freedom to travel

They believe this is the next natural step in technology
And will be programmed to think
This is the way it should be

But they will instead have demoted themselves to the serf class
Under 24 hour surveillance

And in a sentient world simulation
Where your belief system and your reality
Is transmitted to you
By a computer!