A new Covid vaccine called Comirnaty
Which has been engineered to be more lethal
Has been distributed to military bases

From Camp Pendleton to Fort Dietrich
All personnel are required to take it
There are no religious exemptions

Comply or suffer the consequences

One billion doses have already been manufactured

The spike proteins that are produced are more weaponized

Codons are optimized to improve antigen expression
Which makes for more highly toxic spiked glycoproteins

This will cause genetic changes and form specific mutations

There is also another vaccine called BNT162B2
That has an identical amino acid sequence
Which enables antigens to make spike proteins

Lipid nano particles act as transporters
Enabling delivery of mRNA into host cells within 6 hours
Which allows expression of the SARS Covid antigen

These vaccines are designed to take the military out

When Russia invades through Canada
They will have little resistance

Canada has already banned personal firearms

China will walk unimpeded through Mexico

This will allow the setup of the New World Order
Under the Antichrist

Who will cause the rich and the poor
To take the Mark of the Beast
Which will be the new micro needle array patch

As of now only about 55 to 60 percent
Have taken the Covid vaccine

Because people cannot comprehend
That it is all a big lie

When a new virulent variant is announced
They will demand a better vaccine

But it is all about population reduction
And the resetting of the human DNA

And the injecting of quantum bits
To become quantum entangled
With the quantum computer

A DNA computer interface
Of instantaneous information exchange

And the relinquishing of what it means to be human!