Art is the transference of energy
Between the artist and the viewer

The hidden elite advertise themselves through symbols
That show their influence

They also show their agenda in movies video games award ceremonies TV shows and music videos
Starring a clone celebrity

They practice cannibalism and promote the eating of animal flesh
Which are part of their religious sacrament

They display their plan for 3 world wars
In places such as the British Museum in London

The rules state that they have to tell us what they are doing

They make up the Illuminati which is divided
Into the Phoenix Order and the Golden Dawn

The Phoenix Order is run by the Pledians who want equal rule as gods
The Golden Dawn wants complete submission to Reptilians

Just as Lucifer and Satan battle in a chaotic bid for power
So does the Order of the Phoenix and the Golden Dawn

That is why there is betrayal in politics and in Hollywood

Both Orders sacrifice people to harvest their soul
If they have desirable energy

They also are obsessed with numbers for energy purposes
The city of Phoenix in Arizona is on the 33rd parallel

33 was the number of steps on the Ladder of Heaven
That reached the Eternal Flame which was Venus the Dragons daughter
The Dragon encircled the Kingdom of Saturn in the former epoch

There are 33 steps to Ahura Mazda

There were 33 Burning Man rituals

A Mason who wishes to rise to the 33rd level
Must commit to a fire sacrifice

Their consciousness will then be placed in a synthetic robotoid body
And they will achieve god status and be immortal

If they are shown with a Crown of Thorns or with wings
Then they have committed themselves
When they are set on fire they are called Brave Hearts

They will then sit as a Christ as a Son of the Antichrist in his court

They will be like Meshach Shadrach and Abednego of Daniel 3
Who survived the fiery furnace unharmed

This religion hearkens back to the War of the Gods
When plasma interchanges looked like a planetary god had been set on fire

Or had reached the upper level of heaven
Then was engulfed in the Eternal Flame of Venus

And was seen as sacrificing himself to achieve immortality
In the realm of the upper gods!