The real reason for the Plannedemic
Is to take control of our genes

Genes produce proteins
Proteins are the tools of the body
How it operates

The ability to turn on and off certain genes
Can be achieved through the flow of electrons

Nano bio sensors will respond to
And report the status of genes
Sending an electromagnetic signal
To the quantum computer
Which will in turn respond

And tell the bio transmitting nanobots
That will control the flow of electrons
Which proteins to turn on or off

The way a person thinks will be controlled
By the manipulation of proteins

Certain proteins will be turned off
If the persons thinking is undesirable

And a new memory can be installed

The takers of the vaccine
Will literally be plugged in
To the Beast Software System Network

They will be computer components
A node in an integrated circuit
Part of the new WiFi system
Operated by quantum computers

Fear will be ramped up through falsified viral mutations
Cataclysms and economic collapse will weaken peoples resolve

They will demand a Final Solution

And the response will be
A vaccine in the form of
A micro needle array patch

Mailed directly to everyone!