The Palouse is an agricultural wonderland of over 20000 square miles
In the corner of Washington Oregon and Idaho

It grows 90% of our red raspberries
80% of our hops
70% of our peas and lentils
70% of our apples

It also grows an amazing amount of wheat beans and grains

The crops are hauled down to the Snake River
And floated out to the Pacific Ocean on barges

Most go to the most inland port at Lewiston Idaho
Which is 465 miles upstream

The barges go through 8 damns on the Lower Snake River
Lower Granite Lower Columbia Little Goose Ice Harbor
McNary John Day The Dalles and Bonneville

Each has a sophisticated Loch system
For the transportation of watercraft

4 of these dams are about to be breached
Shutting off transportation

The reason given is a big fish story
To save the salmon

But there are fish ladders on the damns for the salmon to move through

A more believable story would be to save the sturgeon
Sturgeon get over 12 feet long and over 1000 pounds
They live over 100 years

They migrate up the Columbia and Snake Rivers
Coming from the Aleutian Islands

They have trouble going up the fish ladders

There have been fires intentionally set at natural gas plants
Such as the one at Medford Oklahoma rendering it inoperable

Sri Lanka has actually banned the sale of all fuel
Except for non essential vehicles
Other countries will follow suit

As farm machinery sits idle on the Palouse
From the lack of diesel
And transportation shuts down on the Snake River
A major source of our food will cease

The 1973 movie called Soylent Green starring Charleston Heston
Predicts a food riot in 2022
Soylent Green is chopped up humans

A recent New York times article extolled the virtues of cannibalism

They want us to Go Green and zombie each other

The reptilian posing as Bidon
Has just ordered a ban on oil drilling and exploration

Starting late this year and into 2023
There will be an energy collapse and food shortage

All by design!