Politics is all theatre
Its all a show
To make us believe we have a choice

Republicans and Democrats are controlled by the same people

The two party system is also to keep us divided
Keep us arguing with each other

The actors with starring roles are not even human

Presidents get tethered to a doppelganger
A clone of themselves with a non human host

Who eventually replaces the real one

Ingersoll Lockwood wrote 3 books
Baron Trumps Miraculous Underground Journey in 1892
La Conics of Cult in 1895
And The Last President in 1900

In the first book Baron Trump travels in time
He lives in the hollow earth and finds a time traveling portal
There are silver cities and amazing creatures
There is also a Goggle or Google Zone

During a time travel experiment Nikola Tesla
Almost died from electric shock
But he was able to see into both the future and past

John Trump Donalds uncle got those papers
On Teslas time travel experiments

The Biff character on Back To the Future 2
Who was made up to look like Trump for that sequel
Got a future sports book and became incredibly rich

In The Last President
Baron Trump has a Secretary of Agriculture named Pence

The 2 Presidents after Trump will not serve full terms

In The La Conics of Cult
Alister Crowley said he would return
As the new version of the Snake
After the destruction of the twin pillars or twin towers

The Snake is the reptilian Doppelganger
That is now acting as Donald Trump!