In previous ages
There was more connectiveness
Makin it easier to manifest ones thoughts

Hyper sonic technology was used
But only for peaceful means
Up until a certain point in time

The Supe Valley in Peru
There are 18 areas of exquisite structures

Each with complex monuments
Of elaborate construction
The most notable one being Caral-Supe

All melted from high energy

Nearby in the Tukume Valley
There are 250 pyramids
Which have been dissolved from intense heat

Scattered in a circle around Puma Puku
On the Peru and Bolivia border
Are many of the andesite megaliths
That have been fractured and splintered

Andesite is second only to diamonds in hardness

We have been duped into believing
That we have evolved from a primordial beginning

When the truth is
There have been more highly advanced civilizations
In the past!