As the earth below was permeated with huge plant growth
The various subgroups of every species proliferated

Human life escalated with the construction of amazing technology
And the heavens above abounded with the glory of the gods

The Garden of Eden was the green glow of Venus
The Cosmic Sea was the plasma outflow of Saturn

In water crystal clear
Ringed with living tuft and verdure always green
Dwelt a nymph

In her pool she would bathe her lovely limbs
Then lay on the soft green grass

One day she perchanced to see a boy of her hearts desire
She paused and then confessed her love

Blushes well became him
For he knew not what love was

She left and hid behind the leafy undergrowth
Postponing her joy she longed to embrace him

As she gazed spellbound her eyes blazed bright with passion
She scarcely could bare to wait

She returned to the pool to fondle and kiss the boy
But as she did he struggled in an attempt to escape

The nymph strained all the more and he finally gave in to her advances
As both bodies merged into one

They pledged to each other that no day shall pass
That part us twain!